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Figma team : Dividing projects and keeping components organized

Hi everyone !

For one of my clients we were using a basic plan and we recently switch to a team plan to organize the works in different projects.

So we basically move from a single file to multiple.

I now have an issue with my component that were all on a single file and are now exploded into multiple. How do I keep it organized ? How do I link all the components to a single library ?

Creating a design library/system folder greatly helps.

Any component can exist in one file and can be shared within the organisation as a library. If you do any change on the library, the change can be immediately applied where ever the component is used.

You might wanna check this article as well.

That’s what I want to do however, that means I have to manually re-link every component to the library. I wanted to know if there is a process to streamline this.

There is no fully automatic way by my plugin Master can definitely help streamline the process: Move master components from different files to a new library - #2 by Gleb