Figma support do not reply

Where can I contact them additionally? I have a problem with my invoice, because I’ve been charged for people I didn’t add to my team after file transfer to another project.

I’ve already created to tickets by emailing the support and nothing. Just straight up silence for 7 days. — make sure the email matches your Figma account. And check spam for replies.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help. I track tickets on Figma website as well.

1st -
2nd -

Hey @Daryna_Bilousova, sorry for the delayed reply!

Our support team is experiencing higher volume than usual, but it looks like they’ve already replied to your ticket #987914 earlier today.

Hi @dvaliao, I have been facing the same issue. I submitted a ticket #990465 regarding my invoice because of unexpected charges for people I didn’t add to my team. The ticket has been open for 5 days, please help me look into this, thank you

Hi Recina, sorry for the delayed reply!

This was due to the same volume issue, but it looks like Mercedes just replied to you on ticket #990465.

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Thanks! It is sorted now

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Hey. Looking for a Community Support forum member, since it looks like Figma’s Ticket Support system doesn’t work for me.

I submitted my 1st ticket 9 days ago. Since that issue wasn’t solved for me in time, I opened a new ticket with a refund request instead. Community support team member only marked my other tickets as ‘Solved’ and never responded with any details for my current ‘Open’ one.

It’s already 9 days passed since my 1st ticket and now it’s Friday, so if I don’t get a response today, it’s 2 days more to wait for anything to happen. So when can I have a solution to my problem? It’s also very time-sensitive since I never intended to pay for my Editors as their Professional plan, and since I was forced to, now it counts as their subscription days, which I want to dispute as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance

Hey @Maryna_A, sorry for the delayed reply!

Again, our team is still experiencing a higher volume than usual, so while we aim to reply to all users as quickly as possible, wait times are a bit longer than usual.

Please keep in mind that when you send multiple requests, they get merged into one. To be transparent, when you replied to your 1st ticket #995587 to refer to your newer ticket #999903, it pushed your ticket(s) to the back of the queue. Since we reply on a first-come, first-serve basis, the system recognized your newer ticket instead of the oldest.

That said, I’ve escalated your ticket to the team on your behalf. Someone will reply to you very soon!

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Somebody replied to my request with any information, that’s what I needed the most. Thanks a lot!

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Amazing! So happy to hear that, @Maryna_A!

Please let us know if we can help with anything else. :slight_smile:

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@dvaliao Same here - I am trying to upgrade our plan and keep getting the cannot verify my address and need help urgently - there’s no number to call. I opened a new ticket since my prev ticket last week wasn’t responded to…

Hey @Ling_Ng <
Sorry for the delay in our response. I see in our backend that your case has been solved. :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and closed the topic here. For others, feel free to open a new thread, thank you.