Figma Slides - No "play" icon on video?

I’m discovering Slides and for now I’m still confused with some functionality.
First, maybe it’s just because it’s still deploying, but sometime some panels just doesn’t show up like the layers panel or the position panel. Sometimes i can’t see the video parameters (autoplay/loop/mute).

I am surprised there is no YouTube video embed. So I uploaded them from local files.
But the fact there is no play button or icon on it is kind of weird. If I have a slide with 2 videos, I can’t have an autoplay. But there is no information in presentation mode telling me it’s not an image.
I’m also disappointed that you can’t restore video state when you change slide and come back, i would love to be able to reinitialize the video at its beginning.

What do you think, am I missing some settings ?


I’m having the same issue. Why let us add a video if it doesn’t play?

Hey @Geoffrey_Menissier, thank you for reaching out!

  1. Layers and position panel
    You’ve mentioned the following “sometime some panels just doesn’t show up like the layers panel or the position panel”
    Can you please confirm if you have a full seat? And if so when is it that you’re not seeing the layers panel? It would be helpful to see a screenshot.
    If you have a full seat for Figma Design, you can enable design mode using the toggle in the toolbar. Design mode unlocks Figma Design features such as auto layout, the layers panel, and advanced properties, so you can dig into the details and customize slides to your exact specifications.

  2. Videos parameters
    You’ve also mentioned “Sometimes I can’t see the video parameters (autoplay/loop/mute)”
    Can you please also let me know when you’re not seeing these video parameters? Is this happening in the browser, the desktop app or both? Could you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end?

This is what you should see on your end when you’ve a full seat:

  1. Youtube video embed
    This is indeed not possible at this moment. However, community members have requested this feature as well. Feel free to leave your feedback and vote for it: Embed youtube video into Figma Slides. This helps us roadmap future updates

You’ve mentioned that “If I have a slide with 2 videos, I can’t have an autoplay.” Please take a look at my screen recording. I’ve added two videos to a slide and toggled off autoplay and I was able to stop a video and play the second one. Is this what you’re trying to achieve?

Regarding your last request “can’t restore video state“. Let me reach out to the teams and find out if there are any workaround for this, will get back to you.