Figma design system library

Hey Guys,
I created a library and used it for many different project in our design studio. but each project has its own color palette. and when ever I apply a color on design system components, the structure of components will be ruined. for example when I changed a button primary color, and then in other page I changed the primary to disable, the disable state of button will have wrong color. (something mixed of the disable and primary)

Hey @Kosar, so that I’m in a better position to take a look at this, could you capture a quick video showing for me please? I would like to understand what you’re seeing on your end when you change the color as you’ve mentioned “the structure of components will be ruined”.

After you’ve captured this, I’d like for us to try a couple things to see if anything changes. I’d like to try a couple things to see if either or both methods help:

Method 1: Make a small adjustment to the component

  1. Go to main component, apply a small change to a property of the component. For example, add a stroke or change the weight of the font - just something small that’s easy for you to remember and undo afterwards.
  2. Publish the update
  3. Go to a different file, accept library updates and then attempt to insert an instance of that component. See if the issue is resolved
  4. Go back to the main component and reverse whatever test change was applied.

Method 2: Repair component connections

In the subscribed file where the overrides are being lost, open the quick command menu and search “Repair component connections” and select the command.

Thank you in advance!