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Specific user, in specific doc, library component uses wrong color

Very weird situation here with a component.


We use a component library for our design system. The issue in question is with a specific component (Radio Button). All other components work fine for the designer.

The component has a few variants (selected/unselected, enabled/disabled). The issue only applies to the selected-enabled variant.


All colors used in the component are from styles local to the library.


When the designer uses the radio button component in ONE specific document, switching to the selected-enabled variant will apply the incorrect color. Instead of the default color style from the library (i.e. “theme/primary”) it will apply a direct color ("#000000/60%"). That direct color is not used ANYWHERE in the radio button component.

This happens on both the web version and the app.

This only happens in only ONE of his many Figma files.

He can manually change the color, but after some period of time the components revert back to that direct color.

No other user on our team is experiencing this issue (including in that file).

I have republished the library, and he has resynced. Reset all overrides. Issue still occurs.

He is on macOS.

Any ideas?

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