Figma beginner, one on one training

I am new to Figma and come from a programming background (C#, HTML and CSS, Java Script). After viewing the appropriate videos and reading your official written documentation, I feel that none of it helps me understand the fundamentals. There does not appear to be any “Top Down” Videos or documentation. Of course, there is a lot of fragments covered in many videos and documentation but nothing I can find that ties it all together. From my perspective, and hr. or two spent with one-on-one training would save me many many hours sifting through multiple videos and documentation documents.
While I understand that Figma does not currently offer one-on-one training, there must be some Figma expert out there that is willing to do a couple of paid hours of training.
Anyone in the community interested?

Hey Neal, welcome! I believe @Joey_Banks offers this sort of service. You can book time with him here. Joey used to work at Figma and continues to offer advice to the design community about the tool via Twitter and his newsletter.

You may also consider joining a cohort of learners through courses like @Ridd’s Figma Academy. While I don’t know you’d get 1-1 time with Ridd, you would at least have a tight community of “classmates” to learn alongside.