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How did you master Figma?

Hello! Long time sketch user, I can muddle through Figma but I want to “Do it right” this time. I’d love some quick wins, but also am willing to put in some serious work. I was thinking of rolling up my sleeves to do a daily UI challenge.

How did you master Figma, tips for noobs, and best resources are appreciated :smiley:

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Hi Rachael, another newbie here. A daily UI challenge sounds like an interesting way for me to get into it! Is there aldready an existing challenge or something like that? Would be happy to join :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of things that will translate over from your time in Sketch, but the way components work and frankly the concept of Frames can throw things off. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to go about learning it, but digging into Figma Community files might help.

Another resource is watching office hours hosted by Figma. Those are chalked full of good tips. If you want a hands on working session, I host a 2 hour office hours every week that’s open access for anyone. Usually we have like 20-30 people there who are in the same stage as you and can help out. Here’s the one this week → - Figtut Friday #8 - Zoom