1 on 1 help


Is there any way to get one on one training sessions?

We have a new starter with little Figma experience and ideally would like to have a 1 on 1 session to be shown how to use and general questions.

Hi @Nicola_Wilson - we don’t currently have any 1:1 sessions on the support end, but some recommendations that may work for your new team member:

  • The ‘New to Figma’ YouTube Playlist – this links to a full set of official YouTube videos our teams put together to help those new to Figma become familiar with using it.
  • The Help Site – provides official written documentation to help new Figma users.
  • The forum – where you’re at now! :grin: You, your new team mate, and anyone else are welcome to post a new topic to ask about best practices, how to do something, or report any issues/feedback.

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