Feature request - List styling (Bullet styles)

The standard list styling for Figma is not bad, but doesn’t quite fit our design language. I would love to be able to use my own styling for the bullets. Using a component would be ideal, as that would give me access to multiple bullet styles.

For example: we use a Check mark on some lists, and for numbering we like using a different font than the one we use for body text.

Currently I’m using a component per list item approach:

The issue is that I work with screens showing lots and lots of data, and a lot of times those are lists that I will get from legal or marketing.

That means that for mocking up some of those pages pages I need to make individual list items for each and every bullet point.

Of course that’s only for mockups, as the developers just take the list and apply the right styling.

So, in short: I’d love to be able to change the standard bullets to use my own styling.

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