Favorited projects to stay at the top! please

i favourite (star) a project, like my components file to store all my fave components and then if i dont use it recently it gets lost in the pile of projects. There isnt even a seperate favourite section so what is the benefit to being about to favourite them??

yeah, this is just one part though, i mean the parts where all the snaps of your project are and there are filter buttons but there are no favourite projects, I think it would be a better ux way if it was included in the bits where there are the previews as naturally, my eyes go to the images rather than the sidebar which i barely look at. screenshot of the filters currently. id like for favourites to be a filter so there float at the top. maybe thats just me
Screenshot 2023-04-29 203011

Thanks for the feedback!

Right now, any files you star/favorite will automatically be moved to your Starred/Favorite files in the left sidebar. They appear at the bottom of the list as your favorites will be organized “Oldest to Newest” by default.

As already mentioned, you can click and drag your favorite file(s) and project(s) to reorder them as needed.

We’ll pass this to our team for consideration. Don’t forget to also Vote - we’ll use the votes to gauge interest from the community. :ballot_box:

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