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Exporting all Variants at once?

I’m currently working with a lot of icons.
I’ve made the icons into components and have grouped the variants.
I can export an individual component, but when I click on a variant group, the resulting export is a single image with all the variants. How can I export individual PNG/SVGs of all the variants within each group?

When you have set the export settings, you can select nothing (or deselect everything :man_shrugging:) and Cmd Shift E to export everything that you have set as exportable.

:warning: Still, I don’t recommend you to use variants for icons and exports. You’ll lose the search functionality and you’ll get some weird naming for the export.

I appreciate the response, Andrei.

I should have said logos instead of icons. I’m dealing with 30 distinct logos, each with an OnLight/OnDark/Inactive variant. As far as organizing the asset panel - I find it is cleanest to group each logo with its variants - but if I’m ever asked to export all of them, it’ll become a pain with the naming issue.