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Effects for Fills and Strokes

When in the exploration faze of a new design I’m always looking for ways of making future work easier to lay out and more accessible to revisions later down the line. Styles are a huge help when it comes to this as a simple update to a style revises to whole document.
Sometimes when using an Effect I’m forced to overlay more than one shape to achieve the results that I wan’t. This means I will have to repeat that workaround throughout the document. If, at some point, I change my mind on this style choice I’m forced to manually go through the doc and do the changes.
Having the option of applying an effect to a single instance of a Fill or a Stroke would be really handy and make Styles an even more powerful feature.

An example of this use case could be a glowing outline. To achieve this one could make a shape with a 2px white outline, give it the layer blur effect. Then copy this shape and paste another instance of it on top of the other one and remove the blur. This would create the effect of an outlined shape with a glow. If effects could be applied to individual instanced of Strokes or Fills the same effect could be achieved with just one shape resulting in ease of use and a more clean document.

I realize that components help with and I’m using them a lot but I’m obsessive about optimizing my workflow and constantly looking for ways to do that. If we could see something like this in the future then that would simply be grand!