Drafts are changing—here’s what you need to know

We’re on an organization plan. If an employee creates a Starter team and leaves. What happens with that team then? Can I as an admin recover files or gain access?

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I have two Figma accounts - One for personal use and one for work. Both accounts are set up with different emails addresses.

Although I can see both accounts in Figma I’m not able to move drafts from the work account to my personal one. I’m only given the option to move the drafts to any of the teams under the currently active ‘Work’ account. Can I really not move my drafts between accounts?

i believe you can move files between different teams in the same account, but you can’t move files between different accounts. Check this: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038511573-Move-a-file
Your best option is to save your files locally and import them

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I have same situation. Only more confused after I scrolled down the information in Figma.

Damn alright, I understand now… This is all sad news :frowning:
But I still don’t understand why we can’t have favorite files accessible throughout all the teams, it is very not convenient to have to have to enter a team to access a favorite (=important/regularly used) file.

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I understand you want to make money, i thought the whole reason of not going with Adobe was partially that –only goal of monetizing–, but I see that in the end Figma is turning into the same.

Really disappointed that Design is not empowered any more. People need drafts, don’t limit those!

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I’m ok with the change on where drafts live, but can you bring back the sidebar layout without the dropdown for team select?
As a freelancer working with multiple clients at once, it’s very annoying having to open the massive team dropdown 10+ times a day to switch between the files I’m working on.
I hope all the starred files show up in once place no matter what team the file lives in.
This is a 8/10 level pain for me.


hi everyone! i’ve been cleaning my drafts from the “drafts to move” section, created a new team, and suddenly the files are not there, and there’s no trash folder either. they’re just gone! (I’m on a Starter plan) what do I do?

The new team you created should have a Drafts section on the left. Do you see that? Also, do they show up in your Recents section?

It’s very, very frustrating

How do we get support if we are on a paid plan? I put in a ticket a few days ago, and only got an AI bot response with some articles to look at, which didn’t answer my questions about Teams and Drafts. I responded with my Team name and haven’t heard a peep back from support. This is holding me up on starting a project.

Hey Holly, I was able to find your ticket and flagged it with the team. Someone should be reaching out soon!

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The concepts/pricing model that Figma uses to manage a simple workspace are so confusing: Projects, pages, files, teams, drafts… Lord have mercy.

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