Drafts are changing—here’s what you need to know

Is there a way to move few files at once?

It’s very frustrating to move one by one, i have a lot of files that i want to move from one team drafts to another team drafts.

Hi, as a freelancer I have a lot of files in drafts because the ownership had to be transferred without adding new owners and future editors to my plan.

What will happen to those files? Do I have to move them?

I’m not the owner anymore…

Hey Nellya, thank you for reaching out! I’ve covered this in my previous comment:

Please let me know if this is clear or if you have any further questions.

Hey @arkanoid!

  • You can keep editing the files in the “drafts to move” space for now with the existing editors, but if you want to invite new people to those drafts you need to move them to the appropriate team
  • If some of those files already have editors on them outside your plan, they won’t get added as paid seats unless you re-grant them edit access (everyone outside your team will just become viewers of the file)
  • We recommend moving the files that are yours to your own team. Some of this may depend on your working arrangement. For instance, if you’re doing work for them currently, and don’t want to transfer the ownership of those files until the end of the engagement, you might move them to your space for now. You can still transfer ownership of a file or project to a person on another team later if you want.

Please let me know if this answers your question.

Hi, thank you for respond. I’ve seen this answer, but i need to move bunch of files (not one by one) not from one Figma account to another, but from one team’s drafts to another team’s drafts inside the same account.

But i guess it’s still impossible to do?

ola, na minha pagina do Figma, no projeto não aparece a opção de inspecionar, o que devo fazer?

Hello, my drafts files were disappeared when I clicked move to drafts. How I get them? In your blogs said that ‘’ You may not see this prompt immediately, as we’ll be rolling out this update over the next few days’'. It’s been 4 days.

This is a bad idea because we have lots of drafts that have nothing to do with the teams created on Figma. If we follow your logic, we would have to create a personal team with ourselves as the only participant, in order to be able to record personal drafts.
It does not mean anything.

Yup Figma is no longer free, that is a pricey update. For daily users, sure, bought a subscription, but for those teammates who just need to open Figma once a month to edit stuff… That will cost now. Sad.

Your drafts definitely shouldn’t have disappeared. Can you verify if you can see them in one of the teams that you’re in? If not it might be good to get you over to our support team so that they can take a closer look at your account.

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Thank you for your help, and I checked all my teams and can’t find anything about it.

Managing drafts in the organizational dimension mostly does not conform to the existing user usage behavior. If a person leaves the organization, how will his files be handled? And Figma is purchased according to the organizational dimension, then this draft mode is actually free. This mixed logic is very easy to mislead users. (Is my current file paid? And will it bring additional expenses to the organization after I share this file?) Therefore, as far as my current usage situation is concerned, I prefer the original interaction usage logic: using the draft box function under the personal dimension. If possible, the draft box can consider adding the function of group classification to help users summarize and classify all drafts through the classification method according to personal habits.

Of course, if this update is for all future usage scenarios to require users to pay for usage and no longer provide any free mechanism, then the above feedback can be ignored. Finally, the reason why users choose Figma, I think, is also because of the good user experience and trust in this tool. If all are charged according to the business strategy, other similar design tools to Figma on the market should have new strategies to compete for users.
so. 吃相别太难看

This is going to cause a lot of people to switch off Figma in the long run.

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I agree. The price of the product is reasonable for active users and the features you get in addition are also very useful. But as you said, for opening and editing a file once in a month, this is a problem.

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I hope this field gets enough good competitors soon, because I am one of the people looking for alternatives now.:sweat:

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100% this.
This is by far the worst update so far. A clear attempt to avoid multiple people editing a single file in drafts without paying as part of a team. And disguised as “we are doing a favor to users”. When it’s just a business strategy path towards no more free use.

Organization for projects and files inside a team was already bad. Now is terrible. I was already paying just to be able to organize my projects, and now it sucks.

This is getting every day more similar to Adobe. Hopefully competitors will arise soon just as competitors arose when Sketch started to suck.


Hello everyone!
Do I correctly understand that we have to move our favorite files into a particular team (with the recent Figma changes)…? Is there a way to avoid that?

And why do I need to move my drafts somewhere…?

what happens if I just don’t move them? I’m not going through all my drafts one by one