Downgrade Organization to Professional - Transfer billing amount

I’ve decided to downgrade my account.

A team member subscribed us to org without us needing it a month and a half ago.

Now Figma won’t want to reimburse the reste of yearly contract. That I can understand even if any company with decent service would do it.

But the worst part, is that we completely lose all the cash we put in the org plan and they won’t transfer it in the pro plan. I need to pay again.

How does that make sense?

Any one was able to talk to Figma and make that nonsense fixed?

Hi @Edouard_Garceau – I’m not able to look into this on my end directly, but I saw that you had a ticket filed with support. I’d recommend continuing the conversation with the agent you are working with. I don’t have enough visibility into your exact situation to provide info/guidance directly.

Sorry if this has been frustrating – I’m going to close this topic, so feel free to PM me if you have additional questions.