Downgrade Organization to Professional - Possible?

I had a Figma Professional account. While I was updating our annual invoice to add extra Design seats, I upgraded to Figma Organization by accident.

I submitted a ticket to reverse this as it’s not feasible for me to have Figma Organization.

Has anyone experienced this, gone through the Support team, and was successful at reversing this?

Hey @Catherine_Choa,

It looks like someone from our support team replied to you about 30 minutes ago. Please check your inbox. They’ll be able to help you downgrade back to a Professional account.

A note of warning to future people: be careful about upgrading to an organization account. They make it really easy to upgrade, but very difficult to downgrade.

I have written support as well to get help with this, but do not expect that upgrading to an organization is a typical upgrade path that can be easily downgraded later, so be sure you want to make this choice before doing it. I’ve spent about 2 hours on this today trying every which way and now I’m waiting for help.

Also, once you are an organization, you cannot transfer any of your projects out of the organization account (unless you are transferring them into another expensive organization account) so your projects are being locked in and they’re not easy to get out. This was the help article that finally explained why all my attempts to transfer a project were resulting in errors:

You’ll notice that if you search the help articles, there is no mention of canceling or downgrading from an organization. If you need the features, do it, but just be careful about trying it out.