Custom shortcut reveals Layer search

I’ve just updated to the new update that includes the layer search feature.
It seems to work fine so far (haven’t really tested it out fully), but one annoying feature is that when I press ⌘ + Shift + D (which is my custom shortcut for collapsing the layers) it brings up the search layers feature with the input in focus.

Was there a native shortcut change? The defined shortcut for this feature is supposed to be ⌘ + F, right? Which works fine.


Same here. None of my custom shortcuts are working anymore.

This shortcut is used by the “Find previous” function.

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Thank you for that! That explains a lot, but makes me sad as it really kills my muscle memory.

I guess the question here is: is there a way to overwrite these native shortcuts with custom ones?

I’ll never use “Find previous” with a shortcut, I’d like to retain my custom ones though.

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