Copy and paste a portion or all of an interaction

The new interactions are great! Thanks for the update (though having only if statements is a bit rough lol but that’s another topic). Right now my biggest issue is not being able to copy and paste either a portion or an entire interaction onto another element.

I have a menu with 6 items that have (relatively) complicated controls doing many things at once. However, because all 6 have very similar rules, I need to copy over my super complicated interactions and tweak a few values for each menu item.

For example, each menu item has 6 set variable interactions and 5 conditional statements and each has about 6 other set variable interactions and a navigation interaction. So each menu item has (6+(5(7)) = 41 interactions. Therefore a total of 6(41) = 246 interactions that I have to manually add even though it’s just a few values that need to change. HUGE time suck!


Hi @Jake_LaViola

It’s possible to copy interaction when the prototype tab is open

However if you want to copy interaction with ariables to another file, it will not recreate the variables needed.
I created a plugin for that case:

Hope it helps


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