Component instances show all reset options after being copied and pasted

This has happened to me many times, so I’m asking here for help. For example, I have a button component.

I drag it to create an instance, and it looks normal.

Next, if I copy-paste the instance I created (not the master component), it will show all of the reset options even though I didn’t change anything to the instance (only copy paste).


It has also happened to my other components with many elements inside. Here for example (I didn’t change anything, I only copy paste the instance).

Screen Shot 2023-10-25 at 6.26.28 AM

Update!! I just realized that this only happens when the component is using the color styles. To better understand, please see the example file here.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

Hey @ahmadfawaid - sorry this is late, but we tested this using the file you provided (as well as a fresh file), and seemed to be able to replicate. We’re going to check in with some teams internally and update you.

Update: this has officially been filed as a bug, so it’s being worked on. I don’t have a hard date I can provide you, but know we are aware!

thank you so much for your response @ksn

we are waiting for your the updates

@ahmadfawaid can you take a look to see if this has resolved on your end?

I just checked it, and it’s resolved. thank you!

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Hey @ahmadfawaid ! I am working closely with Kim.
Glad to hear it’s been resolved on your end. Thanks for confirming!
I’ve gone ahead and closed the topic here.