Community page hard to find


I think for a while I couldn’t easily find the community page. Not a fan of it being on the bottom left side. Could you reconsider having it on the top left side where “your teams” or “drafts” is? I see this is a common topic so please reconsider the position. Thanks!

I agree. Community page used to be in an obvious and top position of the Figma file. And then it wrap into the profile, now it just “hiding” in the left bottom corner. I doubt is it because the Figma community is no longer the priority of Figma.

Yeah, I thought they removed the community link entirely until I read your comment @Arlene I’ve just been using Google search to find it online :laughing:

It’s not a good update I think. Such update need users to find on Google where it is “hiding” :smiling_face_with_tear:

+1 on this. I really thought my company had blocked the access to Community.

Hey there, thank you for the feedback! We’ll pass this onto our team.

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