Can't edit files although Edit rights seems to be granted


I have been given Edit permissions to a figma file by the admin, but, when I try to edit I can’t and see I have view only.

And in my account settings I also see “Viewer-restricted”

If I Request upgrade nothing happens…
I was able to edit the files before the holidays…

I also cannot add screenshots to the topic here, to show visually…

Hi this is happening to one of my team members too.

Applied “Edit” permissions but not able to edit.

“Ask to edit” doesn’t do anything either (clicking on the button has no response, no email/notification is sent to the admin). However when I asked my team to log in with their other account (created a new account with a different email), they were able to edit no problem.

@Toni_Petrov Same problem arouse with my files too. Seems like a bug, have you found any workaround for that?

@Owais this happened yesterday to my team member again.

I realized I was on the education plan and had my team member enroll in it too. That seemed to resolve it perfectly. Hopefully it sticks and isn’t due to another bug.

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