Can I auto-layout a component instance?

Hi, I’m trying to auto-layout a text that is an instance, but
it doesn’t auto-layout if I don’t detach instance, is there an option?

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 16.32.39

You have a width that is more than likely set to fixed instead of Hug Contents. See sample for one that works for me. Figma

uoooh thank you! with these examples it helps me better understand how to compose the layers so that it works well.

Another question I have is, how would you apply to be able to do auto-layout with a custom vector shape?
Currently it won’t let me, is it the same problem?

See my same Figma as linked above. Easiest way I know is you have to trick it by putting in a small triangle that is the same color as the background darker blue. Also needs more nested auto layouts but it’s there.

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