By mistake, i deleted my figma project from deleted tab next to draft tab. how i can get my project

by mistake, i deleted my Figma project from deleted tab next to the draft tab. how I can get my project, how I can restore and get the file again as I think it’s by mistake permanently delete.

There is no way to do that. Permanently deleted files cannot be restored.

Thanks, Glab, are you sure?
it’s a very important project for me and it was deleted I can’t find that even I don’t remember the page how it looks like than how I can redesign it.

Yes I’m sure. Sorry for your loss. :frowning:

oh, right now I have a free account, if I use a paid account then it will happen then I can get those files?

No. You cannot get permanently deleted files in any way. This is not possible. They are completely erased, they don’t exist anymore.

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