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Project deleted?

Hi all,

I’ve a big problem, I manage a designer team and someone deleted a project with all files, when you delete a file, you can find it back in the Draft/Deleted section but when you delete a project which contains mutliple files ?

We use figma since 2018 and it’s the first time we encounter this situation.

How do you prevent this ? Do you save a local file on your own servers to make a backup ?

When the project is deleted, all files from this project should be put into the Drafts → Deleted section of the person who deleted it.

Regarding the prevention of such cases, you can write about it to Figma support team via the support form or create a feature suggestion here on the forum in #product-ideas category.

Hi, thank you for your answer.

I verified, when I delete a project that I created all the files are lost and not send in my draft/deleted section. I just send a message to the support.