Bug report - Hidden layers height taken into account in Vertical scrolling

Hi community,

I’ve noticed an issue with vertical scrolling when it contains hidden children.

In my UX work, I’m using a entity list table with table headers.

The entity list is made of 2 parts, table headers and a row container, with vertical scrolling that contains every rows i might need.

In some pages, I use this list and hide several rows in the vertical-scrolling row container.

When I scroll with some rows hidden, it behaves as if the hidden row height were taken into account.

If I delete the rows, instead of hiding them, the scroll behave as it should.

Check the prototype I created to demontrate the issue.

The green stroke outlines the vertical scrolling container.

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It is a bug. The fix I’ve found - add autolayout with Hug content inside scrollable frame.


I confirm your solution works flawlessly.

Simple and clever workaround, nice thinking.

We shouldn’t have to do that, but it’s simple enough that it wont kill my workflow.

I hope Figma still addresses this, as hidden layers should not take any space in all circumstances.


Happy to help. Do not forget to write bug report. :slight_smile: More reports - the issue will be resolved faster.


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Thanks, it helped…

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