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Break in interactions

Hi everyone. I am new to UX design and Figma. I am stuck and I need help.

When I am previewing my prototype, I get stuck at a particular frame and cannot get past it. Clicking on the CTA button in this frame is supposed to take me to the next frame but instead, it takes me to the top of the same frame.

I had to cancel all the interactions and connect them again (I have done this twice now) yet the problem persists. Please, what do I do?

Thank you.

Can you show some screenshots or even better — send the file link?

I’m so sorry for my late response. I was really tired and I slept off.

Yes please, this is the link. Also, the flow is supposed to start from the very first screen but on preview, it either starts from the “navigation menu” or “book ticket” screen. I don’t know if this whole issue is an error on my part.

Thank you very much.

And where is the frame you are getting stuck at?

Note that your prototype starts from the “add items” screen. Not sure if that’s what you intended.

Oh no that’s not what I intended. The flow is supposed to start from here

And I’m getting stuck on the “book ticket screen”

Oh, sorry, I was looking at the wrong page. Your prototype starts at the correct screen.

I see you are using “While pressing” interaction a lot (and on this screen specifically), it is probably why you get stuck. To make an action on click, you need to select On Tap or On Click trigger, not While pressing.

While pressing only takes you to the target screen for a moment while you are pressing the object, and then takes you back. It’s not what you need.

Thank you sooo much Gleb.

I made some changes to the frames and the interactions. It’s working perfectly well now.

Thank you very much! :pray:

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