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Beta interactive component doesn't appear ( change to feature doesn't appear )

Beta interactive component doesn’t appear ( change to feature doesn’t appear )

Hey @ehab_salah,

Have you already been applied to be added to the interactive components beta? Interactive Components Beta Signup →

Your email associated with this account does not have access to the beta.

i have submit request yesterday and no response

The team adds users in batches every 3-5 business days. You’ll receive an email once you’ve been added.

Hi guys, in the link says that every one now have access to the Interactive component, my company pays the company plan, and is not working here. The form is not available to the beta anymore, it says that everyone has the access now.

Hey @Cassiano_Psomas,

Interactive components is out of beta and live for everyone as of yesterday.

Please note that interactive components are an extension of variants. If you don’t have a component set to work with, you’ll need to create one before trying to apply your interactions (i.e. “Change to”) More info here:

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