Auto-layout v4 bug: Canvas stacking "First on top" not working in prototype presentation

The new updates to auto-layout are awesome! However, I noticed what I think is a bug. When choosing the canvas order “First on top” it works only in the designer, not in the prototype presentation. Someone else with the same problem?


Hey Alice! Thanks for the report! We’re aware of this issue and are trying to get a fix out as soon as possible :pray:


hello. same issue here. the weird thing is, that it’s the other way around in the preview. so when i set it up “wrong” in the design, it’s fine in the preview… hope that fix is coming soon. love that feature, but need it to work :slight_smile:

@Alice_Holm & @Dominik_Maier-Posch I noticed the same issue. It is definitely a bug. In the prototype view it works only if it uses the old layer stacking and the new feature that changes the stacking has absolutely no effect.

Same problem here.
Today they’ve updated figma to 114.6 but there is no change for this bug.
I already sent it to Figma via twitter the day of the release:
"There’s some bugs in prototype with the absolute position
Here you can compare the frame and it’s prototype view
First on top with a frame (book) on absolute position"

@Figma_Support I noticed that if I detach the instance where the absolute position is set…
then it renders correctly in the prototype view