RE: Canvas stacking problem - detailed description

Continuing the discussion from Auto-layout v4 bug: Canvas stacking "First on top" not working in prototype presentation:

This is a follow up regarding the known issue of the “first on top” bug in Figma. I recorded a detailed description of the problem where, depending on the workflow, there’s a potential for a protype animation to break permanently. The scenario is:

  1. You have dozens of frames with lots of content grouped in various ways
  2. You decide to try out the canvas stacking feature on some of the frames
  3. You select “first on top” and start playing around with it. You do this for several frames.
  4. Animation breaks, and removing the auto-layout and reapplying it does not fix the issue

The only way to fix it is to create a brand new frame, and copy and paste the old content (from the broken frame) into the new one. However, if you have applied the “first on top” attribute to many frames as you experimented, you are faced with the potentially monumental task of manually creating new frames and copy/pasting the content.

This issue is exacerbated if the broken frame was initially a component that is used across dozens, if not hundreds of screens. In this case, the user has no choice but to simply delete the component, and remake it, and then manually reinsert it in the frames it belongs in. A simple example might be a broken navigation bar.

Here is a link to an unlisted video describing the problem: Canvas stacking problem - YouTube

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