Auto Layout doesn't group my selection

Hi everyone!

I couldn’t find an answer based on the same problem I’m having with Figma now:

When I try to create an auto layout with different elements (for example a button), it doesn’t group it based on the largest element but align them one by one…

Here’s a short video that shows the issue:

What am I doing wrong? I’m confused, I feel I’m doing the same thing as on this tutorial: Figma in 5: Auto Layout - YouTube

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Hello there @Otis_Voegele

that’s the beauty of auto layout

If you want the text be inside paper, You have put that text inside the component of Paper
and adjust auto layout to the component

If you want the frame you made to have the same behavior, you need to apply those effects and fills to the frame and the only content inside auto layout frame is the text

In simple word, Auto layout only gives you the ability to order things of a group not grouping them.

Your hands is open to do anything with auto layout, If the right setting implement on it

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Thank you very much @SohrabNiroo for your quick answer!

I was indeed confused using the MUI resources for Figma and having basic knowledge for the program.

Following your answer, I was able to solve the thing by creating a frame replacing the “page” and I could integrate all the other elements together.

Case solved. Thanks a lot!

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