Approved Plugins Issue

Hi, I’m having issues with the Approved Plugins setting. We have been using Figma in our org for about a year. Recently the Figma Admin role was moved to a new user. (The original Admin has left the company)

Around the same time, designers messaged me to say that their plugins list had been cleared out. I spoke to the Figma admin and somehow the Approved Plugins setting was turned on. We have since disabled this, so approved plugins is off

Unfortunately, this hasn’t propagated to our designers. They are unable to use plugins and I’m not sure what to do from here.

Hey @Patrick_Cartelli - apologies for any disruption this has caused your team :disappointed: Can you file a support ticket if you haven’t already? I think this may need to be addressed by us internally.

You can file one here:

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Thank you! will do

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