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Apply overrides on instance of interactive components

Hello !
I’m playing around with the interactive components and I’m hitting some limitations. I’m not sure if it’s misuse, a bug, or something that will come later. I have created two variations of a text input component. On the first one I have a text label and on the second I have two text labels. If I try to replace the text on the second label and run a prototype with the first variant displayed, my text on the second variant won’t change. This only works if the text is overided on an element that already exist in the variant displayed when the proto is launched. Is this normal? For a basic component like a button, this is useless. But for example, a component that displays a brand new section (like a dropdown), we cannot taking advantage of the power of the interactive components. But, maybe I’m doing it wrong !

Another feedback on the dropdown usecase : how can i prototype a behavior like “close the dropdown without select an item” ? If i open a dropdown, i cannot click outside of it to close if i don’t want to select something on the list. Like the overlay feature “close when clicking outside”.

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Thanks !

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