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API not defined for Components with Variants aka component sets

When running the get team component sets you get components which has variants. But when you run a “get file” under “components” you’ll get the variants names but not the name of the set itself.

This makes it impossible to search for Components Sets that were used in libraries without putting a of effort. for example :

We plan to use “Get Team Components/Component sets/Styles” to get all published libraries from our design system team.

  • lets say we have a component set[variant] called - “Button” and it has 2 properties :
  • size [ S, M, L ]
  • Style [ Tint, Action]

When we call “Get Files” : under the component sets we dont get this component’s Key or name anywhere. what we do get is the key and name of the used variant in the file for example : “name”: “size=S, Style=Tint”
I’m looking for a way to effectively find our component sets in files :}