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Any plans to make pushing of updates to duplicated community files?

Taking into account #config2021 announcements, I wonder Figma has any plans to improve the situation by introducing updates to duplicated community files.

The problem now with community files is that that once you duplicated it, it is super difficult to incorporate update from original files. And it is often the case that updates and fixes are introduced gradually especially in the file is a design system or something non-trivial.

I wonder if brave Figma people have something up their sleeve for this scenario?

Much love, @ykovzel

Community is under active development so it’s not impossible that we would see something like this in the near future. In the meantime, you can change your topic a bit to turn it into a suggestion and move it to #product-feedback category so other people who find this relevant could vote for it.

Hey Gleb,

Thank you for the hint.