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Allow to connect all instaces of an element to a given screen

Let’s say I have 5 screens with the same element on them. I decide to connect all 5 elements to the same screen. Instead of connecting it 5 times to the same screen, I would like to have a possibility to connect the 5 elements once (for ex. by holding shift when connecting or else).
This would be a great time-saver.

That will not work if you have an external library, and you will be forced to create multiple same-looking components just to assign different interactions if needed. But yes, it’s better than nothing. Thanks.

This is possible!

Interactions can be copy-pasted.

  1. Create one interaction on one of the elements.
  2. Select it by clicking on the left edge. If it becomes blue, then you have selected it.
  3. Copy witch Cmd+C or Ctrl+C.
  4. Select any amount of target elements and paste your interaction using Cmd+V or Ctrl+V.



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