All text converted to italics. Fix?

Figma changed all of the text in a mockup to italics. How can I revert, undo, or otherwise fix this without having to recreate literally hundreds of software screen designs?

Hey @Hendrickson_Jeff, thank you for reaching out! Hmm, this sounds odd.

Did this happen in a specific file? Also are you seeing this in the browser and the desktop app?

Can you try to manually re-assign a font across a file:

  1. Select an element using the font you want to replace.
  2. In the Quick Actions menu (Command/Control + /) enter and select ‘Select all with same text properties’ or Select all with same font’
  3. In the font picker assign the correct font and properties.
  4. You’ll need to repeat this for each variation of font as the selector is quite filtered (eg, italic, bold, font weight) and repeat for each page in a file.

Alternatively you can try to view your file’s version history and to restore a previous version.

To view and restore a previous version:

  1. Open version history in the right sidebar.
  2. Select the version to preview it in the viewport.
  3. In the right sidebar, click […] next to the version and select Restore This Version.
  4. Figma will add two autosave checkpoints to the file’s version history.
    • A checkpoint that saves the current version up until you clicked Restore This Version. This as an autosaved version with a timestamp that matches the current time.
    • A checkpoint at the same timestamp for the version you just restored.
  5. Click the Edit current version to exit version history.

Please let me know if this solves your issue, happy to help further!

@Gayani_S It happened in one file and it is visible in the browser and the desktop app.
The “Quick Actions” solution worked! And I learned something new and useful.
Thank you so much!