Different behavior between web and installed Figma

I could have sworn someone else reported similar issues. I can’t find it now.

The thing I notice is that many of the interactions simply are not working when I test them in the installed (Mac) version of Figma. Simple mouse over button interactions work perfectly (well almost it is a little laggy) when I test them from the Figma in the browser. But the same exact file in Figma (Mac) installed version simply doesn’t work.

I wonder if others have experienced this issue? And if so was there something that you could do to get it to work properly?

I’m not able to reproduce this, but let us know if this happens again or if you can think of a way to reproduce it. I’ll keep an eye on this thread!

The same problem on my installed version (Windows), even though I can make a variant interaction in it when I preview it does not respond at all. But every interaction I made works in the browser version.

For most of the first day, this was a problem. I ended up using the web version and I kept testing the installed. Later in the afternoon, the web version prompted me with an Interactive components upgrade message. After opening up a new copy of the “Figma Interactive Components Playground” file (which has a different thumbnail), after opening up this file my desktop started to work. Strange!

Last night I had all kinds of issues where the mouse overs were not respecting that state colors and they were changing from the override icon to default variant component icon. I will make a separate thread for these issues as it is probably unrelated to this topic.

I have the opposite problem right now - my prototype works perfectly with the interactive variants in the Mac app, but none of them show up in the browser version! (On Chrome). No idea what’s going on, if anybody has troubleshooting suggestions, I’m all ears.