Ability to "Go to property" action for multiple selections and edit text without "Go to property" action [New Component Properties]


First of all, the new Figma updates are so cool! :fire:

But, there are some things that slow me down and annoy me while working with new component properties.

When I want to use batch editing text property, and while I’m choosing texts that are inside of components, the side panel is not showing the “edit text property” menu. To do that, Instead of selecting texts, I should choose components. Then I can apply my multiple text changes.

The purpose of this feature is the ability to batch edit texts. Why should I only choose components to do that? Choosing texts is more simple.

Also, when I click the “Go to property” button on the sidebar, the function isn’t working. I can only achieve this purpose with a single component selection. Then it’s working. But with multiple selections, it’s not working.

Or, I need to click the arrow icon next to the component name to go to the component then I’m able to use the batch editing text property.

Here are my suggestions:

1- Ability to “Go to property” action for multiple selections.

2- Ability to edit text without “Go to property” action. There can be an edit text property option on this part too.

So, I can quickly select multiple texts inside of components just using “CMD + Mouse Left Click” then I can edit the text value without going to the component.

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