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Why won't my nudge amounts and text pref's stay saved?

I set my nudge amount to 8px and then the next day it reverts back to 10px. Same thing happens when I set a default text as white and 14pt. My preferences aren’t being saved and not sure why?

Figma settings are stored in the Local Storage of the browser/app. Therefore, if you are faced with resetting the saved settings, you probably exit the application and/or delete the data of the website.

I mainly use the applications and close the app on the weekend. I don’t actively delete or change things. Does this mean, every time I close the Figma App, it deletes my nudge or text settings?

What do you mean by “closing”? Log out or Exit, or close with the application window icon? As far as I remember, Log out or Exit deletes data from Local Storage.

For clarification, I suggest waiting for a response from support.

Clarifying: Close means I quit desktop app on my Mac

Hmm I’m not able to reproduce this on my end. If you’re able to reproduce it consistently, would you mind reaching out to support.

I’m having the same issue. It just started with v 95.8 Mac.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open file - nudge is set at 10
  2. Change to 8
  3. Close file (not app)
  4. Open file again - nudge is set back at 10

Alright we just pushed a fix for this. You’ll just need to refresh any open tabs to resync the nudge settings. Thanks for your patience as we worked through this. :slight_smile: