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Invert Zoom & Nudge Settings — no longer works, but specific to each file

Hi there.

I think Figma just reversed the default zoom scroll direction. When I go to change it back to the direction I’m happy with, I realise that this setting works per file only. Why is that? Zoom settings should be a global setting, not a per-file setting. It’s currently driving me a little nuts. Can someone look into this?


Same thing is happening. The inverse zoom has been changed to per file. Also when you close figma the settings for the same file is getting reset. So basically you will again have to set the inverse zoom scroll for everytime you open a different file or quit figma. One more issue that I am facing is the Nudge amount has also changed. It automatically resets itself per file or when you close figma. That is really annoying.


Latest desktop app (released Mar 4 or 95.8) seems to have major bug. Not remembering settings + getting them reset on launch.


Nice to know that I am not in fact losing my marbles. Though … yeah, a fix for this would be even nicer. :wink:

The invert zoom also reverts back to default after closing and reopening Figma. Please fix!!

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Our team is currently looking into this and working on a fix asap.

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I updated Figma to the latest version (95.8) earlier today and since I’ve been having this issue: every time I close a file (and then open again), the nudge amount is reset to the default number (1, 10).

Also, the nudge amount isn’t transferring across all files within the team since it’s being reset all the time.

Please see the screen recording of the issue below.

Is this just me, or are other people having the same issue?

Appreciate your help! :grin:

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Hello, since the last update, I keep adjusting my nudge back to 8px and when I restart figma it goes back to 10px

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Hey Jason, our team is aware of this and currently looking into this issue.

Alright we just pushed a fix for this. You’ll just need to refresh any open tabs but zoom and nudge settings should now be synced to your local storage. Thanks for your patience as we worked through this. :slight_smile:


Thanks for a fast turn-around on fixing this! My inverted zoom now stays inverted across all my open tabs. Of which there are many. :innocent:

Not 100% sure the beta is responsible, but my big nudge preference (which I set to 8 instead of the default 10) keeps getting reset today after receiving the beta yesterday. I’ve restarted Figma and the issue keeps returning.

The same is happening to me and it seems like it’s not Interactive Components beta-related, as I’m experiencing this on both of my Figma accounts (private account, which is enrolled in the closed beta, and my work account).

It also seems that it’s not only the nudge value but all personal preferences, in general, are being reset. I can see this by looking at the width of the layers panel that also keeps getting back to the default way-too-narrow version.

I have the same issue only when I’m relogging in between two different accounts.