Why won't gradients created as color styles show up in files?

I’ve created a set of color styles in my library, including gradients, but only the solid fill colors appear as selectable in the style menu in any file that has the library linked. The gradients appear as styles in the library, but as soon as I link the library to a file, they don’t appear as options. I’ve tried deleting and re-adding, but it doesn’t help.

Hi @Gordon3 ,

It should not make a difference if they are gradients or not. What happens if you create a new normal solid color in your library?


It works perfectly fine! The bizarre thing I’ve also discovered is that if I create a new rectangle and give it a new gradient, THEN my library gradients will appear in the Styles dropdown if I click on the new object. But NOT if I create a solid color rectangle and go to the same Styles dropdown. I really don’t understand what’s going on, but simply deleting and re-creating isn’t working either.

hmm, sounds weird. Can you put it in a file and share it?
Maybe I can take a look at it, and see if I can reproduce the bug

Hi @JanKragh and @Gordon3, did you find an answer to this? This is also happening to me.