When boolean properties are set to hide all the children in an auto layout the latter ignores constrains

I’m using a component with the following structure

Top row (to be ignored)

Middle row

  • Side label
  • Input field

Bottom row

  • Side label space
  • Messages
    –+ Status message
    –+ Detail message

Status message’s and Detail message’s visibility is controlled by two separate boolean properties.

Messages is an auto layout wrapper with it’s constraints set to Hug and Hug.

Side label space is also controlled by a 3rd boolean property.

When I use the properties to hide both Status message and Details message the auto layout wrapper “Messages” retains it’s space (I’m also having “Side label space” hidden).

Is this an intended behavior or some bug?

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Hi @tank666 ,

thanks for the related topics, they describe the same issue I’m facing and propose to solve it with adding a 0 dimensions element in there so that when the other elements are hidden the wrapper will Hug it and essentially collapse.

That workaround will work for me for now, although I see this it probably is a bug.

Thanks again!

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