What happened to the Mapsicle plugin?

Could someone help me with the plugin?
I can’t access the map, could you point me to some other plugin that makes maps? I researched several and all I found are paid
Who can answer me, thank you :slight_smile:


Me also cannot access the plugin, this is very sad :face_exhaling:


i asked the developer about it, still no answer…

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I’m so sad this is gone, I use maps and Mapsicle in my workflow daily it’s very sad to see this not working and I haven’t found a good solution yet.

Hey all here’s some more context on why you’re no longer seeing the Mapsicle plugin:


Try Figmap


thank you! gonna use it for now

Figmap does not seem to work with custom Mapbox styles…has anyone found a workaround?

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Same here. Custom mapbox styles don’t seem to work on Figmap. What a pity.


Bummer. Figmap isn’t working for us as it’s not working with custom styles.
Mapsicle was my fav. Used it all the time. Our team would be happy to pay for it…

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Try Map Maker works same as mapsicle