What does "Constrain proportions" do?

I have been using Figma everyday for almost 2 years and have never been able to use “Constrain proportions” because it simply doesn’t work. Why is this in the UI? Am I missing something?

EDIT: Before anyone says “use the up/down keys”, this action breaks snap-to-pixel-grid and is far too time consuming when resizing to other components.

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It applies when you are entering size values in the numeric input field to the left of this button. That’s why it’s placed there, not in constraints which affect how the object resizes on canvas.

How do I “constrain proportions” in the constraints panel?

You can’t.

You need to hold “Shift” while dragging, so you can keep the proportions.


So let’s get this straight, Constrain Proportions setting is only functional for manual keyboard entry of pixel size.


  • Does not constrain proportions when resizing via mouse
  • Does not respect snap to pixel grid

That’s correct.

This is so wrong.


There’s a work around beyond holding [Shift]. You can use Scale pressing [K] and it will work as well.


I am more interested in this functionality being applied when resizing parent frames. Pressing k instead of holding shift is still manual tinkering. Also, the scale tool doesn’t respect snap to pixel grid.


Not sure if I’m missing an ‘upvote’ button here, but I agree with Adam. This just feels like an absent feature.


You can upvote the topic here:


We need this feature! Commenting here to upvote the topic so as to make it a feature. Thank you Adam!

The big problem here is that when we have a component with autolayout variables and the variants change the size, the content does not fit proportionally because that is only done manually. There has to be a way where the scale is proportional for the variants to work and adapt to the part that contains them