View position not properly restored after application restart

I am using Figma Desktop App 104.1 on MacOS, but this is also reproducible on Windows platform.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open some project
  2. Scroll and zoom onto some part of the project
  3. Close the app (eg. cmd+q)
  4. Open the app

Expected behavior
My view position is restored to either default (I see all components) or custom from 2) above.

Actual behavior
I am zoomed in, which is OK, but scrolled to the right-down part of the project which is empty and only the blank blueish space is visible.

Only closing the given tab and reopening it via link or “last viewed” on empty page helps - it restores the view to default.

This is very frustrating. Opened tabs persistence after application restart is useless now - you have to reopen each tab or find the content manually in each tab.

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