Variant behaviour not getting updated. Parent component values retaining

I have created a dropdown component with the menu having 10 items. Have given an on click behaviour with the component to open the dropdown menu.

In a variant, i have removed 5 items from the open menu, but when i preview the page it retains the items and shows 10 items.

one solution i found out is to make each of the item boolean property. But then it is time consuming

Any other idea for the same?

Hmmm weird… this should work. How did you remove the 5 items from you dropdown component? Here an image of how I’ve set it up. Hope this makes sense.

  • Have 1 component called item
  • Have 1 dropdown component that contains the list of 10 and create an auto layout.
  • Create an instance of that and hide 5 items.

Here a more details example, hope this helps.

when you try previewing this component, is it still showing 5 items?