Use percent for min and max width

+1 for percentages

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Easily this would be helpful IF Figma could support responsive display in presentations mode!

I have so many designs that could benefit from a full-width hero or even just the line beneath my title bar to extend all the way across my client’s browser would help our jobs as designers and product people.

Having to have a client resize their browser window because our prototypy does not stretch to their giant display settings is detrimental.

Obviously that is a different rant all together. But definitely having some level of being able to alleviate a small part of that presentation challenge could easily be solved by percentage widths.

this will be very useful. will probably use it more often than pixel size.

+1 percentages values for lengths

Good day! Are there any movements on this topic?

  • 1 for me, ideally combined with pinning auto layout boxes to columns. Setting a grid and telling a component to span 4 columns on the mobile layout and 1 on the desktop layout would be a boon.

+1, any updates on this one?

+100000 !!! Must have ! Currently having to work around this and it is very annoying

+1 for this feature

This feature is beyond needed as we also switch to using modes more,+1 for percentages. Another step closer to website parity and proper flex systems.