Use percent for min and max width

Keeping this topic alive… genuinely thought they would have picked this feature up already :frowning:

Add my name to the LOOOOOOOOOONG list. Can’t believe this isn’t a thing already. Should’ve been included day one.

70/30 and 60/40 splits are so common that I can’t believe we have to ask for this as a ‘feature request’. Like what??

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Maybe a better solution would be to add support for native css measurement units… IDK how to accomplish this in a designer friendly way, but as a former designer turned developer turned designer again this has been a HUGE pain point for me

Pretty basic CSS scenario TBH

Any updates on this?

Hey @Bennett_Frazier! I sorted out a workaround using a group instead of a frame as the parent container. I’m not entirely sure why it works, but if you wrap rectangles or frames in a group (and set the constraints properly) you can get that scaling working. Then you can set that group to fill container inside of a frame with auto-layout…

One caveat though is that it’s is a bit of a manual process to re-size the sections since groups don’t support auto layout :confused: … but they will scale proportionally once you get them set. :man_shrugging:

I’m starting to think this might be a good candidate for a plugin… :technologist:

Would I plugin like this be possible? I don’t know much about the plugin api.

I haven’t looked into it too deeply, but the plugin presentations from Config this year made it seem like a fairly simple process, at least for something like this.