Missing elements when copy paste components to another figma file

The elements inside components are missing when copy and paste component from A file to B.

Tried republish the component in the library and clear cache of figma app, but neither methods work.

Having the same issue

Experiencing the same issue, any workarounds?

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Same here. If I paste a variable component to another Figma file, it will empty, and sometimes it will automatically detach.

Experiencing the same thing! is this a bug and if so when will it be fixed?

Hi, guys!
My team and i were struggling to solve this exactly problem, so i contacted the support.
They asked me to follow some steps to clear the corrupted instances.

1- Select the corrupt instance, use quick command to find “Repair selected instances” (Mac: ⌘ Command + / or ⌘ Command + P, Windows: Control + / or Control + P) and this should solve;
2- If the instance is still corrupt, make sure you have accepted updates and repeat the first step;
3- If the instance is still corrupt, ask the owner of the library file to publish a change to the component, accept the update and repeat the first step.

Let me know if this helped you!


Hi, I’m a figma newbie, so maybe this is just end user error, but I bought the “Most iOS Design System” file, loaded it up into my project but when I try to cut and paste components from this file into my file, nothing shows up. I’m attaching screenshots of what I’m copying and then the pasted result. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


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