Transferring Ownership for Projects and Files (after some has left the company)


We have an organization plan. Someone who left the company has transferred the organization ownership for me. But he didn’t transfer all the projects and files, can this be done afterwards? (Our company licence support asked me to contact Figma support.)

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I have the same issue!
@AnnaKayKay: have you already found a solution?

Thank you!
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We also have this problem. We had a scenario where an org guest was owner of some files and we had no way to take ownership. There also doesn’t seem to be any way to claim ownership of a file.

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Hi, we also have the same issue here. Any solutions yet?

Same issue in our company.

Is there an update on this? We’re having the same issue with an employee that has left.

Same issue… anyone have a solution?

Solution: File ownership does not really matter - it is a temporary construct so that the file creator can add editors. It should probably be renamed to ‘file creator’ or something. The solution is to be the project owner, which allows you to do anything that the file creator can do.

To reclaim project ownership, you can delete the owner account, then join to team & project to claim ownership.

NOTE that this creates a GDPR / privacy issue of publishing the draft files of deleted account to all Figma Admins, also via search.